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While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Put down crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on July 11 2024 Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle. The solution we have for Put down has a total of 3 letters.

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of Lie, to recline.
Of or pertaining to the laity, as distinct from the clergy; as, a lay person; a lay preacher; a lay brother.
Not educated or cultivated; ignorant.
Not belonging to, or emanating from, a particular profession; unprofessional; as, a lay opinion regarding the nature of a disease.
The laity; the common people.
A meadow. See Lea.
Faith; creed; religious profession.
A law.
An obligation; a vow.
A song; a simple lyrical poem; a ballad.
A melody; any musical utterance.
To cause to lie down, to be prostrate, or to lie against something; to put or set down; to deposit; as, to lay a book on the table; to lay a body in the grave; a shower lays the dust.
To place in position; to establish firmly; to arrange with regularity; to dispose in ranks or tiers; as, to lay a corner stone; to lay bricks in a wall; to lay the covers on a table.
To prepare; to make ready; to contrive; to provide; as, to lay a snare, an ambush, or a plan.
To spread on a surface; as, to lay plaster or paint.
To cause to be still; to calm; to allay; to suppress; to exorcise, as an evil spirit.
To cause to lie dead or dying.
To deposit, as a wager; to stake; to risk.
To bring forth and deposit; as, to lay eggs.
To apply; to put.
To impose, as a burden, suffering, or punishment; to assess, as a tax; as, to lay a tax on land.
To impute; to charge; to allege.
To impose, as a command or a duty; as, to lay commands on one.
To present or offer; as, to lay an indictment in a particular county; to lay a scheme before one.
To state; to allege; as, to lay the venue.
To point; to aim; as, to lay a gun.
To put the strands of (a rope, a cable, etc.) in their proper places and twist or unite them; as, to lay a cable or rope.
To place and arrange (pages) for a form upon the imposing stone.
To place (new type) properly in the cases.
To produce and deposit eggs.
To take a position; to come or go; as, to lay forward; to lay aloft.
To lay a wager; to bet.
That which lies or is laid or is conceived of as having been laid or placed in its position; a row; a stratum; a layer; as, a lay of stone or wood.
A wager.
A job, price, or profit.
A share of the proceeds or profits of an enterprise; as, when a man ships for a whaling voyage, he agrees for a certain lay.
A measure of yarn; a lea. See 1st Lea (a).
The lathe of a loom. See Lathe, 3.
A plan; a scheme.
of Lie

Check the table below for more likely or similar clues and answers related to Put down crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% LAY Put down Thomas Joseph
20% SETTLE Put down roots Eugene Sheffer
20% KAYO Put down for the count Eugene Sheffer
20% INDITED Put down in writing Thomas Joseph
20% RELAID Put down again Thomas Joseph

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The answer to Put down crossword clue is LAY

There are a total of 3 letters in Put down crossword clue

The Put down crossword clue was last seen on July 11 2024 Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle

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