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While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Brief crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on April 1 2024 Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle. The solution we have for Brief has a total of 5 letters.

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Not long; having brief length or linear extension; as, a short distance; a short piece of timber; a short flight.
Not extended in time; having very limited duration; not protracted; as, short breath.
Limited in quantity; inadequate; insufficient; scanty; as, a short supply of provisions, or of water.
Insufficiently provided; inadequately supplied; scantily furnished; lacking; not coming up to a resonable, or the ordinary, standard; -- usually with of; as, to be short of money.
Deficient; defective; imperfect; not coming up, as to a measure or standard; as, an account which is short of the trith.
Not distant in time; near at hand.
Limited in intellectual power or grasp; not comprehensive; narrow; not tenacious, as memory.
Less important, efficaceous, or powerful; not equal or equivalent; less (than); -- with of.
Abrupt; brief; pointed; petulant; as, he gave a short answer to the question.
Breaking or crumbling readily in the mouth; crisp; as, short pastry.
Engaging or engaged to deliver what is not possessed; as, short contracts; to be short of stock. See The shorts, under Short, n., and To sell short, under Short, adv.
Not prolonged, or relatively less prolonged, in utterance; -- opposed to long, and applied to vowels or to syllables. In English, the long and short of the same letter are not, in most cases, the long and short of the same sound; thus, the i in ill is the short sound, not of i in isle, but of ee in eel, and the e in pet is the short sound of a in pate, etc. See Quantity, and Guide to Pronunciation, //22, 30.
A summary account.
The part of milled grain sifted out which is next finer than the bran.
Short, inferior hemp.
Breeches; shortclothes.
A short sound, syllable, or vowel.
In a short manner; briefly; limitedly; abruptly; quickly; as, to stop short in one's course; to turn short.
To shorten.
To fail; to decrease.

Check the table below for more likely or similar clues and answers related to Brief crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% SHORT Brief Thomas Joseph
20% PREP Get ready, briefly Eugene Sheffer
20% TIL Up to, briefly Eugene Sheffer
20% CURT Rudely brief Eugene Sheffer
20% SYNC Harmonization, briefly Eugene Sheffer
20% AMEX MasterCard alternative, briefly Eugene Sheffer

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Thomas Joseph Crossword, April 1 2024
  • Thomas Joseph Crossword, January 10 2023
  • Thomas Joseph Crossword, February 10 2021
  • Eugene Sheffer Crossword, February 2 2015
  • Thomas Joseph Crossword, September 17 2014
  • Eugene Sheffer Crossword, February 21 2014

The answer to Brief crossword clue is SHORT

There are a total of 5 letters in Brief crossword clue

The Brief crossword clue was last seen on April 1 2024 Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle

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